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Say hello to a life of power, presence and purpose.

Break free from limiting beliefs & self sabotaging behaviour by discovering and living your values. 


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NEW PROGRAM Announcement! 

6 Week BODY WISDOM EXPERIENCE:  May 15th to June 26th

Somewhere along the way, many of us have lost connection or even trust with our bodies.

It's time to change that.

This program is for women ready to release the forceful way we've been treating our body and embrace our inner body wisdom.

In this program you will go on a journey to create a loving, supportive relationship with your body.  You will experience this through nurturing acts of communication, compassion, listening, trust, respect, surrender, and embracing your feminine sensuality.

This program is not an online course you sit back and watch.  It is one you will actively participate in and experience in your own unique way. 

I’m UNLEASHING 14 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE to give you everything I know about finding freedom and body love!

This program IS EVERYTHING I KNOW AND LIVE about creating a loving, trusting, sensual, supportive, relationship with your body so you can HEAL from the inside out.

THIS IS FOR YOU IF you are ready to create harmony in your body OR if you are looking to deepen your connection with your body. 

Oh.... and this is the lowest price it will ever be.  (no fear, just facts Queen)

Yes! Show Me The Deets!

Imagine if...

  • you had unshakable clarity on who you are, and what you want...
  • you were free from the negative self talk that's been holding you back for so long...
  • you felt fantastic in your clothes, confident in your body, and energized in your day...
  • you made decisions from a place of self love as opposed to obligation or people pleasing...
  • you started to make momentum on that dream in your heart... 
  • you were in complete control of your day, making time for what matters to YOU, and living a life that lights YOU up...

And it was easy! 


Want to make this your reality?

My Free Yourself Formula is your way to achieve all of this, and so much more.

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Here’s how most women do it...


  • They set a goal with great intentions, and maybe even map out a strategy on how to achieve it.
  • But after a couple weeks life gets in the way, or change doesn’t happen as fast as they want, and that’s when things start to slip.
  • They start to lose motivation, lose focus, and start to lose faith in themselves.
  • Their fear of failure is creeping in (and so are the self sabotaging behaviours).
  • They've been there before, they’ve felt it once in their life, and they are so confused why they can’t get there again.


Eventually, their confidence is they slip back to their old habits and patterns. I don’t blame them. This sucks! Knowing that you are capable of more, yet feeling like you’re not there is soul crushing…

But it DOESN’T have to be this way babe!


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Hey Gorgeous!

I’m Miryah, and I am obsessed with helping women find clarity on who they are, and what they stand for, so they can create a life of power, presence, and purpose.  


More about me

Here is my life's work for you, in one all encompassing holistic approach!

Free Yourself Formula


The personalized high touch one-on-one coaching program to break past barriers and achieve your goals while feeling balanced, energized, and totally in control.


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Here's who:

I work with

Driven Women
Who are looking for a balanced approach to feeling fit and confident without crazy diets or workout plans.
Conscious Women
Women who are "successful" but feel stuck. They have a deep yearning to feel, do, be, and achieve more in this life.
Professional Women
Who have a dream or side business on their heart, but just can’t seem to make it happen.

How does it work?

FYF is the program that will make all the other programs actually work. 

Proven repeatable formula 

I’ll give you a proven repeatable formula that makes taking action on your biggest goals simple, fulfilling, rewarding, and dare I say… EASY!

Deeply connect to who you are and what you want 

You will become confident in who you are, what makes you tick, and why you need this to feel fulfillment. You will also have clarity on the life you want to create and deeply connect to the version of you that is calling to come out. THIS is a game changer! 

Break through barriers 

You will identify the limiting beliefs, stories and identities that have held you back (till now) and flip them to work to your advantage. 

Finally follow through 

No more giving up on yourself. You will finally commit to your goals and gain the confidence that you are so worthy of them. 

Balanced approach 

I will give you a balanced sustainable approach to achieving your best wellness without obsessing about diets or workout programs.

Make time for what matters 

We smoothly transition you from you where are, to where you want to be. I’ll help you find your ideal routine so you make time for what matters. 

Safe & supported all the way 

I deeply care about you and I am here to support you every step of the way with weekly one-on-one calls, as well as daily messaging. In FYF, you are be given support and a safe space to expand.

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Sample of FYF Testimonials

Here's what women are saying...

Due to client confidentiality some women would like to be left anonymous but, in hopes of inspiring you they have given approval to share their feedback with you. (substitute photos have been used for their testimonials)

"The results have blown me out of the water."

Joining and going through this program is one of the best decisions I made this year. I wasn't really sure what to expect and the results have blown me out of the water. I have accomplished exactly what I had hoped to and more.

 The best part of the whole program is that I don't feel like its a temporary thing - you know, sometimes you go to a conference or a seminar and you learn a bunch of cool things and then never look back at them again? Well, this has been totally different. You've given us a total mindset shift and whole new set of tools which we are so comfortable whipping out and using in our lives. I feel changed and I am so happy about it.

I will say that the exercises and modules are NOTHING without YOU. YOU are the key and the most valuable part of this program for sure. You have such an amazing ability to connect with others and are so great at communicating these concepts. Your experience and stories are invaluable.

~ Alisha


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"It's not some fluffy bullshit."

~ FYF Client

"My business and my health
has improved so much!"

~ FYF Client

"I feel empowered, strong and focused."

~ FYF Client

"FYF showed me the person that I want to be."

It is hard to put into words the impact that FYF has had in just a few short months - it is more than just career or health goals. After a unexpected loss, FYF helped me rebuild and begin to turn the page on this chapter of my life. It was a place to grieve and let go openly. A place of friendship and the unwavering support of strangers. And a place where I would learn to sit in silence, allowing myself to remember (or maybe realize for the first time), who I truly am. FYF showed me the person that I want to be as I continue to write and rewrite the story of my life.

~ Jamie


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"The key to holistically synchronize my whole life."

~ Alisha


~ Renee

"Do it. Seriously, it sounds trite and obvious, but you won't regret it."

~ FYF Client

"I've done a complete 180"

I feel like I’ve done a complete 180 from where I was. I could have circled in the same place and overthought everything while never taking any action. Thanks to this program, I am learning to listen to my body and loving the skin I’m in. In FYF I became free from the scale, free from food trackers, free from the yo-yo dieting and the diet culture (which never got me the results I wanted and only lead to more insecurities). I’m free from judging myself based on the food I eat, and finally learning to listen to my body and let my intuition guide me. I finally found a sustainable lifestyle I’ve always wanted!



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Free Yourself Formula


A macro to micro approach.

Start by connecting with your creative intuition, then make momentum by embodying balanced action.

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Module 1: Transformation Essentials

Learn the process required for true long lasting transformation (especially for women). To set you up for success, we will walk through your onboarding form to make sure we clearly understand your starting point and your intentions of the program. We also review the areas you may struggle and excel so you get the support where you need it.

Module 2: Foundation

Gain clarity on who you are, what you stand for, and what you need to feel fulfillment by discovering your guiding values. Fear of failure is paralyzing. Here I'll show you how values and beliefs influence behaviours, choices, and results. You will gain control of your life by ditching sabotaging behaviour and stepping into your higher self.

Module 3: Future Vision

Connect with your dreams and create ultimate clarity on what you want for your life. This is exciting! We will dig into what has held you back in the past and flip it around so you are now using it to your advantage. You will become empowered that what happens in the future is in your control.

Module 4: The Power of Daily Decisions

Perform an alignment assessment to increase clarity on where you may or may not be living into your values. This gives you clarity on where to focus to experience the most transformation within yourself and in your life. Then we tap into the power of daily decisions to start creating momentum in your specific focus for the program.

Module 5: Fit, Active & Balanced

Stay balanced as you achieve your goals. Build a long lasting sustainable approach to being fit, active, and loving the body you are in. Learn why obsessing about diets and workout challenges are a short term solution. We will trade in your past approach and create an easy, effective, long term lifestyle for an active, fit, energized you.

Module 6: Stress & Energy Management 

Free yourself from energy leaks that are robbing you from living this life present and connected. Find out where you are experiencing stress and imbalances in your life to free your mind and soul. Start identifying and using your natural energy patterns to tap into your pique performance potential.

Module 7: Maximizing Productivity

Learn to beat procrastination and perfectionism. After this you will know how to maximize your productivity by making the most out of your precious time and energy. This free's you to finally make your dreams life a reality.

And more

There maybe little extras along the way. ;-)

Here's how it goes...

Apply Now

First you will fill out the application form, then we will book a call.

On the call, we’ll get to know one another, I'll listen to your journey, learn about your goals, you can ask anything you want, and together we'll see if we're a fit.

At the end of our call, 1 of 2 things will happen:

You’ll either be a perfect fit, and I will extend an invitation to work with me as one of my clients...

Or, if it's not a good fit that's totally okay. There will be no hard feelings and NO obligations on your part — I will happily suggest something else you can do to achieve your goals, and point you in the right direction.

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Free Yourself Formula

June 2022

You will receive:

  • 12 personalized coaching calls
  • 6 months of guided curriculum
  • Unlimited daily messaging
  • Unlimited love and support. 
  • A safe community of like minded women just like you. 
  • Progress checkins
  • Lifetime access to the materials
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Meet Your Mentor

Hey Gorgeous, if you've scrolled all the way to the bottom of this page it means you're probably interested in the program and who put it together.  Well... that's meeee! :-)  

I'm Miryah Scott, and I founded the Free Yourself Formula because I know how it feels to want more for your life but struggle to stay balanced and do it all.

I know the struggles girl. I have been in jobs that felt soul sucking to find the career of my dreams.  I have felt lost in life and found my way. I have felt so alone and unlovable to eventually meeting my true one love and never being happier. I have gone  from overweight and depressed to 3 time Undefeated World Champion Fitness Competitor and global cover model... and I chose to walk away. Yup, I left because I knew that intense lifestyle wasn't what I wanted for myself, and I knew it wasn’t the type of role model I wanted to be in this world.

My life's mission is focused on helping women discover who they truly are by determining our guiding values and creating life goals that are in alignment. It's from this place that we can create habits and routines that finally stick. These habits, routines, and daily choices then become easy to do because they are connected to who we are! I want so badly for you to feel balanced, free, connected, filled with purpose, and intentional with your choices to create a life that is a reflection of your highest self.

So, I put together a program to teach you the formula that has allowed me to finally master a balanced lifestyle, lose weight, control a crazy schedule, build businesses, have a career that I love, be in the most loving relationship I could ever imagine, increase my income, and feel fit and confident in my body (without giving up my wine). I want so badly for you to feel this freedom too…

THAT is why the "Free Yourself Formula" was created!

If you want to break free of limiting beliefs, and finally step into the woman you are meant to be, then I'm your girl!

I'd love to mentor you in my FYF Program.  Your future self will thank you. 

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Don't trust me yet?  I get it.  Sign up for inside inspo on how to live the FYF lifestyle for better health, wealth, productivity, energy, purpose, and personal power.  

Balance in your inbox

Don't trust me yet?  I get it.  Sign up for inside inspo on how to live the FYF lifestyle for better health, wealth, productivity, energy, purpose, and personal power.